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Strength Camp Promotion

  • Strength Camps Are Back! 
  • Starting Sept 03/22 Monday to Fridays 12PM - 1PM and 4:30PM - 5:30PM
  • Trial The Class for 3 MONTHS! 
  • Only $99/month 3X/week, or $79/month for 2x/week!
  • Enjoy The January Savings & Feel The Perfect Finish To A Hard session!

January Re-Launch Your Health and Fitness

  • Your first assessment, FREE! This includes a Functional Movement screen, a body composition and measurements, then sit down with us for a goal setting session
  • Your first week of training with your very own program with NO Commitment, Free!
  • If you choose to sign up, your first month is 50% OFF!
  • Contact us and we will run you through all of our training packages, assessment, and get you started!