‘Performance isn’t just synonymous to sports. Performance Is A Lifestyle’

As human beings, we are meant to move! From the moment you leave the womb a child discovers new ways to adjust their bodies to the different challenges in movement surrounding them. As we grow, we strive to achieve success in all aspects of our lives; whether in our careers, sports or our home life. Success though is deemed by staying healthy and injury free. If you’re training for a sport or staying active to be healthy in your daily life; an intelligent and systematic approach to your Performance Training is the only way to achieve milestones on your way to athletic success.


When training I follow three pillars for programming, and those are Stimulation, Development, and Regeneration. These are my guidelines for the intensity needed in your programming based of course from the milestones that you’d like to set for yourself. This is also communicated from your assessments and from a holistic outlook of your week in review. To properly assess you aside from the physical, I also need to look at the following things:

Work/School Schedule DAILY EATING HABITS DAILY Activities DAILY BLUE LIGHT exposure Sleep habits


Please remember that everything I do to get you started is with one major factor in mind, and that is Injury Prevention. That’s right, the greatest tragedies in sports at all levels are due to injuries, and usually come from overlooked mistakes in movement patterns that were not corrected. Longevity is the key to success in any sport and it’s maintained by following an intelligent approach to your program. One extra rep does not make you faster, stronger, or more powerful at what you love to do. The right program, the right rep range, the right tempo, and more importantly the right recovery does. And that is what separates me from the herd. Have a look below and see which Performance Training Option fits perfect with your particular athletic and/or life goals.











This is the most personalized approach to your training program. The benefits are usually quite good as there is only you and your coach and your milestones ahead. Personal Training begins with a very detailed assessment process, that encompasses performance as well as a holistic outlook of your everyday life and how together, we can come up with the best course of action in regards to the accolades you’re aiming for. Below is the value that you will take from your 1 On 1 Personal Training.

  • Functional Movement Screen

    Assesses your biomechanical imbalances, muscular instabilities, core strength and weaknesses

  • Conditioning Evaluation

    Customized test which retrieves data in regards to your max heart rate, work capacity, functional core, posture and strength under cardiovascular duress. Both these assessments give us data for the baseline of your performance

  • Famous 1RM test

    Examines your 1 rep maximum push or pull on the Big 3; the squat, bench press and the deadlift. THIS TEST IS OPTIONAL and usually for those that are in powerlifting, or for those that do power/strength sports such as Football, Rugby or Hockey

  • Body Composition test

    Measures your body fat percentage as well as 5 measurements throughout your body to set a guideline for later success in regards to weight loss or rather muscular hypertrophy

  • Questionnaire

    Finally, I give you a questionnaire so that I can look at your week in review. This is the more holistic of the test, as it looks at your schedule, your eating habits, blue light exposures and most importantly your sleep

As you can see this is a very concise evaluation of what is needed so that we can have an honest perspective, and only then can we begin programming. This Assessment is universal and done for every option in Performance Training.

Semi-Private Training

Can be done with strangers as well as in the company of friends. I still follow the same systems as in the above personal training option only you have the company of a friend or spouse in a pairs setting, or you may be training in the company of 3 or 4 strangers with different goals but the same competitive mindset.

Benefits of Semi-Private Training, and what separates me from the rest? In the past and possibly to this day there have been trainers that usually train 3 or 4 clients during a session in the same manner and with the same program. Unfortunately, that is a client paying Semi-Private Training prices for a small Bootcamp, and more importantly not all clients are looking for the same results. It’s simple science, I can’t train a welterweight boxer like a linebacker. Both athletes have different needs, they have different movements and their sports have very different demands; therefore their programming has to have completely different periodizations.

This, of course, doesn’t mean they can’t train together in the same session and enjoy each others company and motivation. The main benefits of Semi-Private Training are the camaraderie of training partners, the motivation of your peers, the cost-benefit is lesser, but the attention to detail within your coaching stays the same. And finally, the same assessment process applies as it is the only way to program for your individual results.



This is a new type of training format that combines the best of two services, a Personal Trainer and an Online Performance Coach at your disposal. I offer the same services of each but at an affordable value. There is one caveat though, it is recommended that you have at least one training year under your belt, and that you are disciplined in your training schedule as well as monitoring your progress on your own. I also recommend that you have good ergonomics in training movements, and are willing to maintain weekly communication. Here is how Hybrid Training works:

  • Assesment

    Starts the same with a very concise assessment of an FMS, CPD Conditioning Test, as well as your Body Composition. This should be all the info I need to get your programming started

  • Training Days

    You would then choose your training days (2-5) for the upcoming week where you would learn all of the nuances of your program under my coaching

  • Online Training

    You would then continue your program on your own through Online Training for the next 3 weeks equipped with videos and weekly communication for questions and or support

  • Your Progress

    Once completing your first phase, it is important to continue for at least 3 to 4 phases of work to see your performance improve within your sport discipline, or active lifestyle