Training at COGO Performance Development you enter into a personalized approach to your programming.

Here I suit the program to your needs not every client to a program. My main focus is where you're at in your life at the moment, and what is it that you want to achieve one block of training at a time!

First and foremost let's understand that CPD, it's all personal training. Whether you're with me 1 - on - 1, or a semi-private setting of 2 -3 individuals, you train your own personal program. The only difference is the value.

The beauty of training with me is the options that are outlined, and my way of always considering not just your needs and goals, but also your price point. Your sessions anywhere from 1 to 6 times per week, in a personal setting or again in a semi-private setting. Either or, below I've outlined what you receive when you get started with me.

  • Questionnaire

    First we start with an online questionnaire so that I can look at your week in review. As well as training habits, background info, injury history, etc. This holistic is a outlook, for you to outline your goals and obstacles. I also get some insight into your daily schedule, your eating habits, blue light exposures and most importantly your sleep

  • Functional Movement Screen

    Assesses your biomechanical imbalances, muscular instabilities, core strength and weaknesses and starts the information process to individualizing your programming

  • Conditioning Evaluation

    Customized test which retrieves data in regards to your max heart rate, work capacity, functional core, posture and strength under cardiovascular duress. The two part assessment give me the data necessary for building the baseline within your programming

  • Body Composition test

    This test measures your body fat percentage as well as 5 measurements throughout your body. This test will give the starting line in regards to the future success towards weight loss or muscular hypertrophy

  • Optional: 1Rep Max Test

    This test is sports performance based and is optional to strength athletes due to their programs being based percentages of their 1 rep max. THIS TEST IS OPTIONAL and usually for those that are in powerlifting, or power/strength sports such as Football, Rugby or Hockey

  • Optional: Athletic Testing

    Athletic testing is an option for the youth or professional athlete that is focusing on making a team or not losing their spot. The testing can encompass the 1 rep max test , as well as speed and agility tests, vertical and broad jumps, and finally a conditioning test that pertains to the athlete and their discipline. These tests combined with the above evaluations will help us move towards a proper strength & conditioning program