‘Your fitness and performance results just got that much easier!’

Before you consider being part of our Premium Online Coaching Group of success driven and likeminded individuals You need to Ask yourself these 5 very important questions:

  1. Are you independent enough to train at your gym on your own or with a partner?
  2. Can you follow instructions by reading a program?
  3. Do you understand movement when you see it on a video?
  4. Do you value personal training but expensive costs keep you from pulling the trigger?
  5. Do you enjoy the luxury of training on your schedule, and not someone else’s?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you might be a candidate for the Premium Online Performance Coaching Program, and becoming an exclusive member of our Club Atletico.


Welcome To Your Premium Online Coach

When considering Online Training most people think of Youtube trainers/programs; they might run through a workout of the day, maybe a HIIT program or two, or whatever the flavor of the week happens to be.

With COGO Performance Development you have your very own Online and Performance Coach on any smart device you use. If online coaching fits your personality, time and your financial needs then take advantage of my new Premium Online Coaching platform and start your membership on either of the two value options I offer. These are the services you get with your premium online coach below:

  • Premium Online Performance Coaching

    Your first block of training is a 12-week training program detailing the strength and conditioning needed to realize your milestones. This is personalized to your needs, and privately shared on your very own google sheet

  • Video Access

    A library of almost 400 videos and all of the exercises in your program are hyperlinked and can be seen on any of your smart devices

  • Weekly Coaching Session

    Weekly scheduled access to me via email, Voxer, and zoom meetings if necessary to assess movement. This also includes a weekly half-hour group FAQ for those wanting a few public questions answered via our Private Facebook group

  • Exclusive and Private Facebook Group

    Club Atletico is populated with like minded individuals, training videos, blogs, vlogs, and info on the latest training, diets, sports, and lifestyles


    Absolutely, there is a recommendation to follow a 12 week program due to the fact that this is not just training your body but also a habit of completing a program. This is a month to month recurring charge but based on your programming. Trust the process, do the work, and I promise success


    The difference between our Online and Hybrid coaching options are that all of the above is included in both. But in the Hybrid option, you also get one weekly session within our Wolfpack small group personal training that will help you with any questions you have in regards to your program and you get to experience a small part of our Wolfpack Training System..

Choose the value option that best suits your flexible schedule as well as your price point below: