My philosophy has never wavered and follows one mantra, ‘performance is for life.’

That’s right! 17 years in the Boilermakers, I worked my way from apprentice welder to pressure welder to project planning. And what I learned in the steel industry was, tradesmanship, work ethic, dedication, and consistency to quality and excellence. I bring these things to my new career path and then some. In 2011 I took a turn and headed back to where I originally wanted to be and that was a career in the health and athletics industry, with my first stop at Mount Royal University where I graduated with my Personal Fitness Trainers Certification, and I never looked back; iron Game, here I come!

Why Performance you ask?

First and foremost, I am a father and a husband to a beautiful family that I am most proud of. I believe ‘Performance’ is everywhere and in every aspect of your life. You develop performance within your career as an engineer, welder, even as a stay at home mom! I believe that all individuals have the ability to develop a higher standard of knowledge for themselves so that they’re able to perform at the highest peak of their potential, in all facets of their daily lives.

This is where I come in, I take dads that can’t play a pickup game with their kids because of endurance or injuries. I have clients in wheelchairs that have been limited by society, and their movement capabilities. I also have youth athletes from different sports disciplines that demand a specific individualization for their sport and or position. Each one of these individuals requires a personalized approach so that they can perform at a higher standard in their lives. At COGO Performance Development I am not a ‘one size fits all training system,’ therefore I am the difference in value when it comes to your specific needs.


Your Performance Coach

As a performance coach, I look at my own journey and the choices that got me to you. I was athletic most of my life like everyone else in school or in my neighborhood playing a multitude of sports. Although I seem to excel mainly in individual sports. But as an adult my career choice was in the steel industry as a welder in the oil and gas sector. I got to travel around the world and worked in Australia, the USA, and Canada, and always with my father’s mantra, ”be better than everybody else.” I did my best, to make my father proud and I hoped to someday bring that mantra to this industry as well as my own business.

Education & Credentials

I am a graduate of the Mount Royal University Personal Fitness Trainer Program, and over the years aside from great mentorships and a fantastic practicum study, I’ve put together some great certifications with:

Functional Movement Systems Bioforce Conditioning Coach National Coaching Certification Program for Olympic lifiting AGATSU Kettlebell Level 1 TRX Coaching