COGO Performance Development is a performance and fitness oriented company that uses science and sports performance to attain the information needed to build the training to the individual; not the other way around. This is a collaborative relationship between trainer and client and this is the system that helps us get to know you better so that you can succeed in attaining your goals. Whether you are a budding youth athlete or a postpartum mom, we are a results oriented company that believes highly in communication, education, and accountability. This means that we ask you to trust the process, put in the work, and we promise results. The only difference between us and the rest; we tailor your suit, so that it fits you and we stand beside you through your journey. Whether we train you online or in person; results are inevitable.


Coach Franco

My greatest accomplishment in my life is being a father and a husband to a beautiful family. I feel blessed and driven that throughout all of the obstacles I’ve faced in life, I am still pursuing my passion of owning a business in an industry that continues to inspire feats and trials of our human condition.

My goal was to build a company that will take youth athletes to a college education or possibly beyond. I used to dream about this as I travelled far and wide through Canada, the US, and Australia as a professional journeyman/pressure welder for 17 years. It was the long way around to get to an incredible career in the fitness industry, but it’s a small sense of pride to have been able to have touched so many people for the last 10 years. It’s brought me so much joy, friendships, relationships, education, and my family of course. I owe this industry so much that coaching is my way of giving back. My name is Franco Gomez, I am a graduate of the Mount Royal University Personal Fitness Trainer Program. And I am proud to call myself your Coach, I look forward to welcoming you to my community.