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Since I started training clients (loosely and irresponsibly) in 2011 prior to my schooling, I’ve learned two things. The first, is that there are 2 types of people in this world; yes it’s binary. One type of person understands value. The other type, understands offers and deals. I much prefer the former. The second thing I’ve learned, is that the people that understand value, also understand results are derived from consistency. The rest chase deals and offers, have a short window of learning, and tend to fall between the cracks. his of course due to the lack of consistency, and in search of the next offer. This is why I decided that if my business was going to succeed, it was time to train with purpose, educate, and consistently inspire a group of people that saw value in what I had to offer. Here are 4 reasons why I train CEO’s, also owners/entrepreneurs and management. 

Please understand that although a high percentage of my clients are CEO’s, owner/entrepreneurs, and or management, I also have a dedicated bunch that think like these particular clients. I don’t want you to assume I won’t take a client on if he doesn’t fit within that spectrum, but I do want you to see the type of clients I tend to attract and keep. So this segways into the first of the 4 very important reasons why I train this exceptional group of people.

 Reason 1: Success Driven  

It takes a certain kind of person that can put  away a minimum 14 hour day and fit within those 14 hours, a good training session 3 to 4 times per week. This person has two major benefits to his/her character. The first one, they understand the value of their health and how it helps their business as well as their family life. And the second, they’ve also sought out the value that I bring to their life with my expertise. They know that through building a relationship, and some context, I understand their physical needs, their training history, their family life, their extracurricular activities, and so on. Remember though, that the reality is, that if you want to train this Type-A individual, you must undertake the responsibility and expectations that come with it. I’ll talk more on this at the end. But understand in the meantime that these are success driven individuals that consistently look for an edge that offers longevity – the long game.

 Reason 2: Mindful Schedule

A CEO, Manager, or Owner/Entrepreneur of his or her own company understands that their business life ticks, and tocks, and priorities take precedence. They make decisions on the fly that are usually quite well thought out, because they are responsible for a number of individuals that work for them and their families, and these decisions can affect their futures. This is a person that runs on a schedule, and within that schedule there is grace but that has to be earned by me their trainer, and vice versa. We both understand that pushing 15 minutes, pushes all of their meetings 15 minutes, or in my case pushes my sessions 15 minutes. There is an underlying respect that exists, and it is based on an understanding that time is a precious commodity. One slip in that schedule, and something in both our lives is sacrificed. I won’t lie, I have been a culprit a few times of not making my timelines, but what I’ve learned from these particular clients is the importance of my own priorities, my own family and business life, and how one feeds the other.

 Reason 3: Consistency and Mastery

It is unfortunate, but right now we are all living in a world that values competency over mastery. 30 years ago doesn’t seem that long when considering that apprenticeships were starting to tailor to a 1500+ hours per year and 8 weeks of theory in school. Prior to that it was an all year practicum study whilst working, which meant a more concentrated approach to learning your discipline. Most of my clients come from a thorough education that looked at a masters approach to learning with or without post secondary. Therefore it is my responsibility to continue my education so that I can continue to add value to their programs. That is an expectation from their part, because the dollar has to equal the results they require. And that is what I tried to achieve in my days as a welder, and now continue to master my craft as a trainer. This is an approach that keeps the floor open for my clients to continuously ask the, ‘WHY.’

 Reason 4: An Open Mind

That’s right, no CEO, Manager, or Owner/Entrepreneur made it to where they are today without an open mind. I can honestly say that my business is where it is today because I listened without assumptions or judgements. You have to have an open mind to receive and analyze what is offered as advice or education so that you can achieve success. Every session offers conversation and questions, which has helped me build strong bonds, and through these conversations they would impart tidbits of advice that I would take and practice within my own business and or with my family. That showed me that there was a respect for what I do, and what my ambitions are for the future. They would impart pieces of their struggles and how hard they worked to build the home they live in. This in turn  opened my eyes to people that took risks, but with an open mind kept their eyes on the prize to get to where they are today.

Final Thoughts

I wrote this blog today because I want to offer thanks to those that have been with me for so many years. I didn’t talk about value today because if you read this you understand which side of the value/offer spectrum my clients sit in. Now I said I’d mention this at the end; you may think that taking on this kind of client is just a matter of programming, training sessions and moving on. You’d be wrong, the Type-A’s of the world, bring an expectation that demands educated answers. They will keep you on your toes, they will challenge you to be better versions of yourselves, and they will always ask you WHY. And that, my friends, is why I train CEO’s, managers, and owner/entrepreneurs! 

Stay humble and stay healthy my friends…

Coach, Franco

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