Who do you help and how do you help them?

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 I took some time to think about who it is I help, and how do I help them. Sometimes very simple questions force you to be very introspective, they force you to look inside and learn a little bit more about yourself. Now before I get into this blog a little more, I want you to know that this was a question posed to me by my business coach. And yes, I’ve got a business mentorship I follow so that I can pepper you with info and engage your conscious mind. So here goes.

 Who do you help and how do you help them? First, let’s break it down to the types of clients I have so that you can figure out what kind of client I help. A small caveat, most trainers are taught to find a niche market I’ll bet you won’t guess mine:

  1. 2 Athletes – rugby
  2. 1 Athlete – motocross
  3. 3 Athletes – mountain bike
  4. 3 Athletes – golfers
  5. 6 Athlete – wrestler, Muay Thai competitor, Brazilian Jiujitsu, agility dog trainer/competitor, Karate competitor/Instructor, Soccer player
  6. 2 Multiple Sclerosis fighters
  7. 3 whole families
  8. 2 quadriplegics
  9. Ph.D. recipient/educator

 Ok, have you figured out from that shortlist of consistent personal training clients that fill up a week, who it is I help, and how it is I help them? Probably not. 

 Here it is, I don’t train a particular sport; as you can see there seems to be a myriad of sport disciplines on my list. Out of that list consider that some are kids and some are their parents who are themselves entrepreneurs running successful businesses. So let’s tally up my “niche”; I’ve got business owners, athletes at youth and masters levels, men and women. Are you ready? Drum roll please: I personally train a certain type of personality, a strong character, an individual that stands out from the rest.

 Every one of the people I train is goal-oriented and driven by a need to better their outcomes. Each and every one of these clients very much wants to be a better version of themselves. Some of the younger clients reached their college destination with a sense of purpose. Some got there with a ride paid for by their sport. I help them by getting them to their promised land, by an understanding of what their needs were, and where they’d like to be 12 weeks at a time. 

 That is the period of time we use to refocus our goals, sharpen our skills, and continue improving for the next phase. I’m always excited about that next phase because they get to see how far they’ve come, where they’re at, at this point and where they’re heading. What separates these individuals is that they trust the process. Their success is based on their hard work. This is driven by a type of personality. The only kind of client I take on.

 My youth athletes trained with me so that they can have an edge over other competitors to be noticed and stand out with their talent and hard work. And guess what, 5 of them are working on degree programs and one may be on his way to the states next year to a top 10 school in education and rugby is getting him there. I’ve had youth athletes that were so hungry to make it to their respective national teams that stated that if I said they had to eat beans every day, they reluctantly would. 

 One of my recent clients has set the bar extremely high in regards to her training, running her business, understaffed, and still ecstatic to see her results after her first phase of 12 weeks. No diet deficits, no ridiculous cardio workouts or extreme HIIT, just programming with her goals and needs in mind. Did I have to fix a few things on the way based on her FMS? Absolutely! But those exercises are easily hidden within the sexy ones everyone loves to do. She claims she saw more results in 12 weeks than she did in a year with her previous trainer; sounds like I made the cut! But the truth is her personality, her tenacious character, and her hunger to succeed is what got her there. I just built the menu, she does all the cooking.

 Character and personality go a long way in any of your endeavors. There is a reason why many won’t train with me and usually, it is because there is a Goodlife or World Health just around the corner. Or at the other extreme, you’ve PVR’d your shows for the week and it’s time to catch up. We are creatures of habit and yours take you in a different direction, and that’s ok. There’s a P90X out there with your name on it. There’s also YouTube trainers with programs, that I’m sure you follow or are trying to decipher the age-old question, why is this going nowhere?. But like they say, if it gets you off the couch, then I’m happy for you.

I look for the diamond in the rough. That special someone who knows exactly what they want. And are willing to make sacrifices to get to their promised land. My clients have been impressed with the fact that they’ve had to qualify to work with me. “Do you mean you might not even take me on as a client?” NO, not always. The first phone call got your toe in the door, the direction we move towards depends on you. Remember that I’m looking for a particular type of client, someone that challenges me to get them to where they need to get. They get a small glimpse into my life and my passion, and I get a small glimpse into a different side of the human condition. I get to see that Nike commercial in my very own gym daily.

 I’ve had many tire kickers come through my doors. I might’ve even chased a few to come back. These days they don’t get past the first 15 minutes of the phone consult. I love my job because I’m always in the presence of personal development, and they each share a commonality between them. They know exactly what they want, and they know exactly what they need. And they found the one trainer that listens, researches, hustles for answers and never stops thinking of ways to improve their programming. The way I see it. If they’re willing to separate from the pack, then so should I.

 I accept a challenge, it makes me better at my craft, a better father and husband; an overall better human being. Maybe we always look for particular niches as trainers, but maybe I’m their particular niche of personal trainer. To summarize, if you want to train with me, what are you willing to give up for what you want? Five dollars a day fat coffees, a cou[ple hours of Netflix, money, time? Whatever your choice. Success is built on hard work and discomfort. Everything else comes easy. Until next time

Stay humble and stay healthy my friends… And find what drives you; you might make the cut!

P.S. If you figured out who I help and how I help them and think you made the cut go fill out my contact page for a phone consult

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