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COGO Performance Development is a sports performance and fitness-oriented company that uses science and experience to obtain the information needed for athletes and Jack and Jill's alike to succeed in their own personal journeys.

We specialize in building the training to the individual; not the other way around. This is a collaborative relationship between trainer and client that helps us get to know you better so that you can succeed in attaining your goals.

We are a results oriented company that believes highly in communication, education, and accountability. This means that we ask you to trust the process, put in the work, and we promise your results. The only difference between us and the rest; we tailor your program so that it fits you and we stand beside you, and guide you through your journey. Whether we train you online or in-person; the results are inevitable.


Franco is an excellent athletic trainer. When I first started seeing him, I had recently injured my back, and was a surgical candidate. Along with my physio therapist, he’s rebuilt my strength and mobility to the point where I’m deadlifting over 300 lbs again.

His focus on not just strength, but quality of movement and mobility has improved not just my athletic performance (golf), but my general quality of life as well

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Rick Stahl
I have been working out with Franco at Cogo Fitness for over 7 years. It started with bootcamps and has now grown to online programming and one on one training. Franco is extremley knowledgable and has experience in many different fitness backgrounds. You are not just a member at this gym, you are part of the fitness family. I highly recommend any form of training with Cogo Fitness, you will not be disappointed!

Positive: Communication, Quality

Cynthia Mizera

In my time working with Franco I was not only able to grow to become a bigger, stronger athlete, but a more disciplined one. Through hard work, he helped my brother and I become better athletes, but as well as better people. Franco was a vital part of my preparation for collegiate level rugby in the U.S., and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Emilio Carranza

I worked with Franco over a span of around four months. In a short amount of time I noticed amazing results in the gym and on the ice. The reason I noticed such great results is because of the personal program that is built for you. After a few simple but important physical tests, he is able to put a program together to help you in the areas you need. Franco’s knowledge and attention to detail is my favourite feature of the program. Little things such as how you use your breath to push through… controlling your breath is something I’ve never been taught before, but it has been very beneficial in my training. Also, his ability to pick up on little things in order to maximize your results and teach you how to be more powerful is extremely helpful. Franco is always there to correct technique to get the most out of your training and is always willing to help you with an exercise. The gym environment is great whether you are booked with other clients or just by yourself. Cogo Performance is always a good place to be.

Jordan Myren

I started working with Franco about 10 years ago at the age of 15. We created that mentor mentee relationship. For us it was more than just the strength training, but also learning how to be respectable young man. Mental resilience was something he incorporated into all of our training sessions, and I can’t say enough about how much it has helped me over the past 10 years. Franco tailored my workouts to suit my needs, it wasn’t a blanket workout plan but was specific to my position in hockey. Focusing on explosive power and endurance Franco helped me build a foundation which propelled me to playing my final years of hockey for the Royal Military College of Canada as part of USports Canada. Playing other astound Universities such as Queens and McGill, who had players which had been drafted to the NHL. If you want to be challenged physically and mentally I suggest you train with Franco

Austin Hannaford